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The Rise of Flag Football: Empowering Athletes and Shaping the Future of the Game

Flag Football Super Bowl Commercial 2023:


This year's Super Bowl commercial featuring Diana Flores, the talented quarterback of the Mexico National Team, highlighted the exhilarating world of flag football. The commercial captured Flores spinning and dodging her way across the field, through the parking lot, jumping off rooftops, cutting through her mom's kitchen, before joining her teammates, ball in hand, running down city street. At the end of the 2-minutes, flag football had been catapulted into the national spotlight.

As a television producer and a mother of a multi-sport female athlete who plays flag football, I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride. Having covered numerous sports in my career, I can confidently say that flag football is so fast paced, and entertaining, it is easy to become a fan.

District Champions of Flag Football

This year our Winter Park Flag Football Team won the District Championship. When these ladies stepped onto the field they showcased their undeniable teamwork, power, athleticism, skill, competitiveness, and intelligence in a way that was truly awe-inspiring. They brought it, like gladiators, every time. I was honored to capture some highlights.

Winter Park HS Flag Football District Champions 2023:

It is no surprise that the NFL and Nike are investing millions of dollars in promoting flag football across the nation. By engaging young women in the sport, the NFL and Nike are not only cultivating future athletes but building a strong and loyal fan base.

Supporting the Growth of Flag Football

Recognizing the immense potential of girls flag football, Nike and the NFL have joined forces to launch a multi-year grant initiative. With a dedicated budget of $5 million, this initiative aims to expand the presence of girls flag football in high school athletics. State athletic associations can receive donations of up to $100,000 in products, including uniforms, socks, and other accessories. This strategic partnership between Nike, the NFL, and state athletic associations not only fosters the growth of the sport but also underscores the positive impact it can have on young women.

Flag Football's Journey to Recognition

Flag football is in the early stages of gaining national recognition and seizing opportunities for growth. The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) sanctioned the sport in 2018-19, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, and soon California, are onboard as well. And, some colleges are making strides towards flag football.

Looking Ahead: Flag Football's Bright Future

The NFL's commissioner, Roger Goodell, has made it clear that the Pro Bowl flag format is here to stay after its resounding success with the tackle to flag change this year. Moreover, the NFL is actively supporting efforts to include flag football as an event in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. This recognition on a global stage would only further flag football and open doors for more athletes.


I am proud our athletes had this opportunity and can't wait to see where the future of flag football goes. It is a very exciting moment for the sport and female sports as a whole.

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