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2 Strand Twists with Hair Extensions - My 1st Time Trying It!

Have you seen all the fantastic YouTube, TikTok and Instagram videos with beautiful women showing us how to do black hair styles? I am a huge fan!

By no means am I a hair guru, but I have been to YouTube University and do my natural hair in 2 strand twists and twist outs all the time.

If you have natural hair, you know that there are days or even weeks where you want to give up! Your life gets busy, your hair gets unpredictable and you might look a little crazy from time to time. While I am fine embracing the natural chaos of my hair. Today I opted for a hair adventure.

I am an impatient person and no one could fit me in until the end of the week. SO, I decided to give 2 Strand Twist with Extensions a try for myself. I have never done this before, EVER!

6 things I learned:

  1. Get all of your supplies ready.

Hair extensions (not sponsored)

Conditioner (not sponsored)

Water spray bottle


Mousse (not sponsored)

Oil for your scalp

Hair clips

Rat tailed comb

Regular wide tooth comb

2. Pick a style and plan your end ahead of time.

3. Braid in Method vs Invisible Twist Method. You have some decisions to make.

4. Figure out a way to get the boiling water safely.

5. This took me 2 hours. Not bad, but my shoulder is still a little tired the next day.

6. I regret not doing this sooner! It is a super easy to wear hairstyle. I will definitely make the parts in the back smaller and tighter next time. Also, I feel like I can go in and fix / modify as needed.

Pics of the process:

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