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Michele Gerber I am a writer, producer, content creator, digital professor, adventure seeker. and sadly, I've had to be gluten-free  for over 15 years. So, I am kind of an expert.  I  am passionate about, or maybe  obsessed with, entertainment  and my latest binges, my favorite gluten-free foods, projects and design,  and adventure.   And, I'll sprinkle in social commentary.  Because somethings need to be said Out Loud. Weight loss

For over 20 years creating videos and telling stories has been my passion and my profession.

Real to Reel

We create professional video content

for companies, content creators, and athletes. Today, every successful business uses video to get customers, retain customers, train employees, and create their brand.

Running Match Cut

SCREENGOAT is a FREE resource for student filmmakers.


We help you build your video skills and portfolio so you can become a SCREENGOAT!

Scripts, Storyboards, Writing, Camera Shots, Editing Exercises, Lessons, Film Projects and contest.


Pieces and Parts, Glitter, Michele Gerber Book

With Pieces and Parts, spackle and glue, creative and zany ingredients come together to make a Masterpiece…

Which is YOU!

Pieces and Parts is about all the weird and random bits that go into making each of us special. With funny and inspiring illustrations, kids love to draw the scenes and characters from Pieces and Parts.

This is a fun, rhythmic book that makes everyone feel great about how special they truly are.

The Book: Pieces and Parts

LOONSBURG's YouTube Channel

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