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SPARE: 10 Words I Learned From Prince Harry's Book

10 Words I Learned Listening to Prince Harry’s Book SPARE:

  1. Biro means pen

  2. Torch means flashlight

  3. Todger means penis

  4. Gurkha refers to a member of a fierce fighting group that served as soldiers in the British Army.

  5. kukri is a special knife used for many things including killing and preparing animals.

  6. Brogue is a multi-piece dress shoe with decorative small holes on the toe cap and side.

  7. Shemagh is a scarf commonly found in arid regions that provides protection from sun exposure, as well to protect the mouth and eyes from dust and sand.

  8. A bivvy bag is a waterproof wrap that goes around a sleeping bag to protect the sleeper from the elements.

  9. "Kiwis" is a nickname for the men of the New Zealand regiments

  10. The Royal Standard represents the Sovereign and the United Kingdom. The Royal Standard is flown when The Queen is in residence.

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