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Louis Tomlinson Faith in the Future Concert in Tampa, FL 2023

It's summer vacation and my daughter bought tickets to the Louis Tomlinson Concert in Tampa, FL and invited me to join her.

Louis Tomlinson Faith in the Future World Tour 2023

She has been a fan of One Direction for years and then, of course, a fan of each of the members when they went their own directions. Louie is a singer and songwriter and wrote many of One Direction's biggest hits. So, when these tickets became available she was in. The tickets were not too expensive and the seats were not too bad. You know, she is a teenager without a regular job.

Louis Tomlinson Concert. Michele and Marley.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the vibe of the crowd was absolutely lovely. The environment was inclusive, warm, kind and safe.

For instance, the first thing that happened was a teenage girl wearing her concert fishnets and "I Love Louis" tee-shirt rans up to us and asked my daughter if she wanted a bracelet for the show. The girl had a metal ring hanging around her wrist with at least thirty handmade Louie Bracelets she made for her fellow fans. Yes, giving them away for free! Most concerts I've been to have tons of people outside selling all sorts of swag, these kids were all about spreading the joy.

Louis Tomlinson Homemade fan cowboy hat

The event was held on the University of South Florida campus in the Yuengling Center (formerly the USF Sun Dome). I was actually impressed with how nice the venue was, even the bathrooms of which there were many, were pristine. Too much information, maybe but still relevant.

This evening with my daughter, yet again, reminded me to take more time to enjoy life. Even if I'm not exactly in the artist's demographic, it's nice to go out to spend time with the people you love.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have fun and stay curious!

Michele Gerber, I am a writer, producer, content creator,  professor, adventure seeker. and sadly, I've had to be gluten-free for over 15 years. So, I am kind of an expert. I  am passionate about, or maybe  obsessed with, entertainment  and my latest binges, my favorite gluten-free foods, projects and design,  and adventure.   And, I'll sprinkle in social commentary.  Because somethings need to be said Out Loud..

Writer, producer, content creator, digital video professor, active learner, adventure seeker. and sadly, after having to be gluten-free for over 15 years, A GF expert.


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