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Cindy Crawford's 1992 Workout is Kicking My Ass! And, Everything Else!

Not to be used in lieu of doctors advice.

The last time I did this workout it was 1998 and I was 23 years old. Today, 25 years later at age 48, Holy Crap! This workout kicked my ass!

As you know, I exercise all the time but I felt like I needed to add something new and challenging to my routine. When I stumbled across my old workout tape I had my answer, Cindy Crawford's Workout Video from the 90s!

Cindy Crawford Workout ThrowBack

Michele Gerber Workout - Throwback Cindy Crawford

The Workout:

There are 2 full body 40 minute workouts, and a quick 10 minute routine, So you can alternate with some variety.

You will need are some hand weights, a chair, a mat and a cushion. Easy!

Aesthetically, the video is great to look at. There isn't too much talking and Cindy is entertaining without being too much.

And, the music is still really good. Although, I did turn on another television for some real entertainment to stave off any unforeseen boredom.

Cindy Crawford Workout Equipment: Weights, Mat, Chair, and Cushion

The Result:

I loved it! It REALLY worked EVERY part of my body and I actually had to take Advil the first couple of days. Seriously!

My body is responding quickly to the training. I'm feeling stronger after just a week.

My Workout Plan:

I just signed up for the OUC 1/2 Marathon in December and the NYCRUNS BROOKLYN HALF MARATHON in April. I am currently not in 13 mile run shape but I'm excited for the journey. . . So, let the training begin!

Now, that I'm a little bit older I don't want to injury my knees with daily running. So, when I was putting together my training plan I knew that I needed to include low impact / non-running workouts to put inbetween the training runs. Hello, Cindy! At least until she stops kicking my ass!

By Michele Gerber - Workout

Writer, producer, content creator, digital video professor, film fan, adventure seeker, health and fitness "doer", and sadly, after having to be gluten-free for over 15 years, a GF expert.


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