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F9 Insanity - Fast and Furious 9

Gratuitous, over the top, completely unrealistic action sequences to the point of outright….OMG Laughter.

So much fun and just what the doctor ordered coming out of the pandemic. It is straight up weird to be back in the theatre and not able to pause at will, but still SO MUCH FUN!

Because I love movies, I had to watch the entire Fast and Furious series prior to going to see F9. The themes of beautiful cars, beautiful people and the beauty of family are not lost throughout the series and neither is Dominic Toretto’s low gravelly voice that will absolutely save us all and make us feel safe at night.

F9 follows the franchise's methodology of going BIGGER with every film. Knowing most of what you are seeing is CGI because REALLY! These stunts are insane.

On another note, with each film the roles of the female characters get stronger and deeper. Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Nathalie Emmanuel, Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren’s roles are each just so good! Writers and decision makers are finally getting better at sharing the spotlight.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was obviously missing but the storyline was creative and strong. Various reports say whatever beef there was between Vin Diesel and The Rock have been buried beneath the piles of loot they have made. Who knows if Hobbs will return in the next 2 films. But, it would be fun for both Hobbs and Shaw to make an appearance.

F9 also carries on the memory of Brian’s character played by the now deceased Paul Walker in a very nice way.

If you find yourself stuck inside for period of time or you just need some lighthearted fun, this series is SO GOOD (we are excluding #2).

Thank you Fast and Furious for letting us have a little bit of fun! And, congrats on killing it at the box office with $249 million payday globally (so far) vs the $55 million production cost.

Michele Gerber, I am a writer, producer, content creator,  professor, adventure seeker. and sadly, I've had to be gluten-free for over 15 years. So, I am kind of an expert. I  am passionate about, or maybe  obsessed with, entertainment  and my latest binges, my favorite gluten-free foods, projects and design,  and adventure.   And, I'll sprinkle in social commentary.  Because somethings need to be said Out Loud..

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