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The Mounjaro and Ozempic / Wegovy Weight Loss Drug Experience: Personal Account

Mounjaro and Ozempic Weight loss Drug

Not to be used in lou of medical advice.

Everyone is talking about the weight loss medications Mounjaro and Ozempic. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to interview 2 of my pals, Julie and Kate, and document their personal experiences with each of the medications.

They were very candid and there are a few surprises.

Here is what they said.


My friend, "Julie" is in her late 50s and was just diagnosed with diabetes. She has about 65 pounds to lose to reach a healthy weight. Her doctor told her to go on Weight Watchers and to start taking the diabetic medication Metformin. After 6 weeks of Weight Watchers and suffering with very inconvenient diarrhea, a side effect from the Metformin, she lost 9 pounds. At her last check up Julie was prescribed Mounjaro.

Julie's primary takeaway is that Mounjaro is very effective. She was really struggling and now she is just not hungry. While she is still on Weight Watchers and it has only been 3 weeks at the lowest dose of .25, Julie has already lost 8 pounds. Yes, vs the 9 pounds in 6 weeks on Weight Watchers alone.

Julie says Mounjaro is very easy. You turn a knob and push the button, and the pre-dosed shot is just that simple.

The Mounjaro Experience


None, but I know some people do have nausea. My doctor gave me nausea medication but I have not needed it.

A Great Tool:

After I take the shot, I am not hungry and I'm not overeating. But, later in the week, as the medication starts to get out of my system, I start to get a little hungry (day 6 and 7). I take my shots on Thursdays, so by Tuesday and Wednesdays I am hungry and I'm feeling ready to eat. The medicine seems to taper off.

Sick Feeling:

No. I heard that some people do but I have not experienced any sick feeling.


I drink water all the time. At least 4 -5 bottles of water.


Not a drinker.


None. Totally regular, which is great!

Extreme Insomnia:

Not a good sleeper since menopause. I wake up in the middle of the night but have not noticed any real trouble with falling asleep.


Good mood.

Weight Loss Thus Far:

6 Weeks on Weight Watchers - 9 lbs

3 Weeks on Mounjaro .25 dose - 8 lbs


Kate is in her mid 50s and a little overweight. She did tons of research and got a prescription for Ozempic. Her primary focus was to lose about 30 pounds. She started with the a dose of .25 for 2 weeks, then moved to .5 for the next 4 weeks. At the end of the 6 week process she was down 6 pounds.

The Ozempic Experience


My doctor prescribed a nausea medication along with Ozempic. I only experienced nausea when I didn't eat enough food, which was strange.

A Great Tool:

This medication was a great tool. It really made me less hungry. I did not think about food and it made my cravings disappear. It stopped all the "food noise" in my head. Food just didn't even sound good. It was like I had an aversion to food. There was no pleasure in it and I felt full after about 4 bites.

Sick Feeling:

If I actually "overate" or ate past full, I would feel sick. Some people, not me, experienced vomiting at full.


I had to drink a lot of water.


I am not a big drinker but I didn't even want to drink. I went out with friends and had 1 drink. I didn't have any ill effects but I didn't want another one and didn't notice anything strange.


I did not expect the constipation but it was a VERY real thing.

Extreme Insomnia:

I could not sleep for about 2 weeks. This was a struggle.


My mood seemed much lighter.

When I Stopped:

When my medication ran out it, well it has been really hard to get more medication. There is not enough supply to meet demand. In about a week the medication was no longer in my system and I felt my cravings coming back. It really is a tool to jumpstart weight loss. I am trying to get my prescription refilled.

Weight Loss Thus Far:

4 Weeks on Ozempic - 6 lbs

I just want to thank my pals, Julie and Kate for sharing their personal and candid experiences with me.

I recently did a 30 Day Weight Watchers Challenge and lost 6 pounds in 30 days. It was really tough and I eat right and workout nearly everyday.

The latest reporting says Weight Watcher is going to start offering weight loss medications as an addition to their diet plan. Much like Julie is doing with great success.

Stay Curious and Thanks for Stopping By!

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